Anger, pain, ambition... it all can be used to use the dark side of the force. but true power comes from controlling them and controlling the force. knowledge, dignity, and loyalty. these are words that describe us. join us. to truly understand the force and yourself.
Brotherhood of the Sith
Join the dark side, we don't have cookies. but we have force.

Message posté par Darth Mal le 21 Jul 2020

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Sith, the web page dedicated to Sith from the Star Wars franchise. The goal of this page is to have fun, join the Dark Side of the Force and let our inner Star Wars nerd float ^^

The joining is pretty simple. Just fill the form and write your Sith name and position in the Brotherhood. The name you provide may be any but for the ranks, look into this setting:

Sith Apprentice
Sith Acolyte
Sith Crusader
Sith Knight
Sith Warrior
Sith Sorcerer
Sith Assassin
Sith Inquisitor
Sith Alchemist
Sith Master
Sith Lord

You don’t need to have a website to join and write a story of your character. But if you do write it, you will get extra features from me :> The age is the join form should be not your real age but the age of your Sith character.

Ready to join the dark side? Join form awaits!

not required but good to have.

Brothers and Sisters:

Sith name
Darth Mal
Dark Lord of the Sith
Age when joining Brotherhood
Planet of origin